No more shame, silence, or suffering!

Women have better things to do than to worry and waste their energy on intimate health problems! That is why we are doing everything we can to endorse women’s own inner strength. No one should have to live with malodor. Vaginas should have its own natural scent!







The soft revolution

We could say that Vernivia’s history began with the idea of imitating the vagina’s natural way of staying healthy – a perfect mix of lactobacilli, lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Research led to the discovery of stabilizing low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide together with monoglycerides and lactic acid in the form of a vaginal mousse. But the more we thought about what Vernivia is and what it does, the more we began to understand that Vernivia may be the end of a long, history of shame, silence and suffering for women.


Through the centuries, women have been forced to endure the strangest of things, chastity belts and menstruation shame. Shame, silence, and loneliness over the stigma related to malodor or women’s sexual and reproductive health issues. For centuries, women have suffered alone and silent, forced into treatments that sometimes have even exacerbated vaginal health issues. Why? Women’s bodily functions are natural! We think it is sad that everything concerning the female reproduction organ has been so stigmatized. In contrary, the vagina should be seen as a wonderful thing!  Now, the shaming can finally come to an end.

Women's right to good vaginal health

The well-being of women affects everything and everyone, not just women. From a health economic, a medical, as well as a psychological perspective, it is a problem that women feel dirty, unclean, and filthy. There is plenty of research and empirical studies that show that when women are helped to help themselves to a better well-being, the strength it provides has a positive ripple effect on the people around them. If more and more people feel better and better, the society they build and live in together will also make progress! A great, virtuous cycle of empowerment. That is why we are fighting for the rights of all women to good vaginal health. It is too sad that so many have suffered so long in silence and loneliness.

Vernivia vaginal mousse is developed by researchers at Pharmiva in Lund, Sweden. Pharmiva is a med-tech company that develops innovative and antibiotic-free medical products with the goal of improving vaginal health. Being part of the quickly growing FemTech industry, Pharmiva caters to an urgent medical need that has previously not been prioritized. Through effective and antibiotic-free treatments, our goal is to reduce the suffering of millions of women suffering from vaginal infection, and at the same time, counteract the globally increasing development of antibiotic resistance.


We want to help every single woman to maintain or manage a natural and healthy balance of the vagina.


Our vision is for vaginal infections to stop being a problem. When women are affected, a safe and effective treatment should be readily available. We are doing everything we can to enable women to help themselves to a healthy vaginal balance, with all the good bacteria and in all the folds and crevices of the vagina.


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