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About Vernivia

Vernivia vaginal mousse is used for the treatment of a vaginal infection known as bacterial vaginosis. Vernivia vaginal mousse quickly relieves common symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis, such as abnormal discharge, malodor, and itching. The effect of Vernivia vaginal mousse has been clinically proven.

  • Endorses the vagina’s natural measures to stay healthy.
  • Covers and treats all folds and crevices inside the vagina. Every time it is applied!
  • Builds and strengthens the body’s own defenses (lactobacilli)
  • Inhibits harmful bacteria
  • Restores pH balance
  • Quickly relieves malodorous discharge

One of the benefits with Vernivia vaginal mousse is its efficiency to reach all folds and crevices, effectively treating the entire surface of the vaginal wall.  Vernivia rapidly counters the bacteria that cause malodor and abnormal discharge, as well as effectively restoring the balance. At the same time, Vernivia stimulates the growth of protective lactobacilli. The lactobacilli’s production of hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid is an important part of the vagina’s natural defenses against bacterial and fungal infections.

Vernivia may cause a temporary stinging sensation when it is applied. If the stinging sensation becomes too intense, rinse with lukewarm or warm water. Contact your doctor if the irritation persists. Have you experienced a side effect? Please contact us at

Several of the ingredients of Vernivia vaginal mousse is present naturally in the vagina, such as lactic acid, small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, water, and air. Vernivia vaginal mousse is free from antibiotics, perfumes, parabens, and hormones.

As Vernivia vaginal mousse is an entirely new product, there are no available clinical data on the effects of the treatment on pregnant women.


Vernivia vaginal mousse is applied in the vagina at bedtime for seven consecutive days.

If you forget one dose, resume the treatment the following evening and continue until you have completed a total of seven doses.

Just pause the treatment and start another seven-day course of treatment once the bleeding subsides.

Not to worry. Simply remove the excess and hold the button down for a shorter time the next time you apply the product. It is not dangerous and Vernivia cannot be overdosed.

If possible, it is good if you remain in bed after applying Vernivia. Microbiological tests show that the mousse inhibits harmful bacteria. Hence, there is no need to rinse the applicator.

Store the product out of the reach of children. Do not store the product at a temperature higher than 30 °C or below 2 °C. Avoid storing the product in direct sunlight.

Generally speaking, Vernivia should be brought to a recycling center, depending on where on the globe you reside.

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