Vernivia Vaginal Mousse

Vernivia vaginal mousse is a treatment of the vaginal infection known as bacterial vaginosis. Vernivia quickly relieves common symptoms such as bothersome discharge, malodor and itching, by endorsing the vagina’s natural defenses to stay healthy.

 Vernivia, with a clinically proven effect.

Mousse Action?!

  • Endorses the vagina’s natural ways to stay healthy.
  • Covers and treats all folds and crevices inside the vagina. Every time it is applied.

  • Strengthens the body’s own defenses (lactobacilli)
  • Inhibits harmful bacteria
  • Restores pH balance
  • Quickly relieves odorous vaginal discharge

Vernivia vaginal mousse quickly inhibits bacteria that cause malodorous discharge. At the same time, Vernivia stimulates the growth of protective lactobacilli, natural producers of lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, important components of the vagina’s natural defenses against bacterial and fungal infections. Vernivia also restores pH balance.

Why a mousse?

The benefit of Vernivia vaginal mousse is that it covers and treats all folds and crevices of the vagina. Every time it is applied.

What does Vernivia contain?

Several of Vernivia’s ingredients are naturally present in the vagina, such as lactic acid, small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, water, and air. Vernivia vaginal mousse is free from antibiotics, perfumes, parabens, and hormones.

How is Vernivia used?

Vernivia vaginal mousse is applied in the vagina at bedtime, for seven consecutive days.

See our instructional film 


See our instructional film

What does ‘clinically proven’ mean?

The efficacy of Vernivia has been established in a Swedish clinical trial conducted on 30 women diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. Following one week of treatment with Vernivia, the cure rate corresponded to that of antibiotic treatment, an effect that persisted even after the following menstruation. Vernivia rapidly mitigated the harmful bacteria, while the lactobacilli increased in numbers. Vernivia also restored vaginal pH balance.

Symptom relief already the morning after the first application

A user study was conducted in collaboration with seven midwifery and gynecologist clinics around Sweden during the spring of 2021. The 76 women who participated in the study were repeatedly assessed on the relief of their experienced symptoms, Vernivia usability, the accompanying information material, and their overall impression of the product. Results showed that odor and the amount of discharge diminished within 12 hours after first application. The effect was gradually amplified over the course of the treatment.


This is what some of the women who took part in the user study had to say:

“Rapid effect, and it felt like the vaginal balance was restored quickly. Easy and pleasant to use.”

“It was easy to use and worked quickly.”

“Over-the-counter, effective, gentle, and easy to use overall. Especially that it can be obtained without a prescription, it is very convenient not having to consult a doctor.”

“I would use it again because it was so effective and helped so quickly. Moreover, I love that it is free from antibiotics and will be available over the counter.”

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