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Vaginal discharge can reveal a lot about your health, fertility, if you have an ongoing infection or have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Getting to know your vagina makes it easier to discover when something is wrong








frisk vaginal hälsa

- a part of life

Vaginal Discharge. Various types of discharge. Discharge that changes during different phases of your menstruation cycle, discharge that sneak up on you and then accelerates, or that appears suddenly. Discharge that smells acidic, or discharge that smells like fish. White, yellow, transparent, thin, watery, thick, or stringy.  A fishy odor is a typical symptom of bacterial vaginosis.

Få ditt underliv att lukta friskt

How should a healthy vagina smell?

Healthy vaginas have a natural smell. As we strive to disguise all odors using scented soaps, deodorants, and panty liners, it is easy to forget that the genital region has a perfectly natural smell of its own. Vaginas should have its own scent, however, vaginas should never smell bad.

bakteriell vaginos

Beneficial bacteria – the microbiota of the body and the vagina

The vaginal microbiota is a subset of the human microbiota. The unique feature of the vaginal microbiota is that it is dominated by relatively few species of “good bacteria”, which together manage and maintain the vaginal balance. It is these bacteria that provides the foundation for “the vagina’s natural defenses.”

Mot flytningar som luktar illa

When is it time
to react?

Vaginal discharge is a good reflection of your personal vaginal health status. A malodorous vaginal discharge should always be taken seriously. Getting to know your body, your discharge, and your scents makes it easier to discover when something is not normal. Always remain alert to malodorous or abnormal discharge, especially if you also experience other symptoms such as itching and burning sensations. Remember that discharge is never supposed to smell bad!

Vernivia produkt mot bakteriell vaginos och illaluktande flytningar

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Over-the-counter treatment for bacterial vaginosis​

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